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Welding Gas Cylinders

When welding, it can be extremely beneficial to have a shielding gas such as argon or helium. At Oxygen Supply Company, we have welding cylinders and trucks that make your projects easier to complete and cuts down on the time it takes to finish a weld. Our used and reconditioned cylinders have all been hydrotested, meaning that you can trust them to work properly, no matter what shielding gas you have put in them. Buying refurbished cylinders also helps keep your costs low, since you’ll eventually exchange your new cylinders anyway.

Along with welding cylinders, we have cable connectors and converters, making coupler access even easier when getting ready to weld. We also have cylinder brackets and trucks, giving you the ability to mount or transport your cylinders as needed. Find more success with your welding by shopping at Oxygen Supply Company - your source for cylinders, helmets, and dozens of other welding accessories.

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